About us

Our leadership journey with hookah tobacco

started in 2011, when a team of industry experts put together their years of hookah flavours and shisha flavours knowledge and expertise and virtually sketched their road map to success, this virtual image became a reality with the establishment and operation of current state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. 

Submit The product development started at the point where others stopped, and more skilled and experienced staff members joined the team spending long days at the plant’s laboratories bringing uniqueness into the product.

It is no secret with all the right components in place. In addition to the above, ALRAYAN shisha tobacco is made of the best selected tobacco from USA & Europe, the highest quality raw material and flavours from the most reputable companies globally, prepared using the latest technology mixing machineries, up to and including the careful selection of our finished product packaging.

Our goals are to pursue perfection through continuous product development, and insuring customer satisfaction by providing superior support before and after sales, enabling us to reach our ultimate goal of distributing ALRAYAN hookah tobacco in all worldwide markets.

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